All ArmourGuard Products are Consumer Reports highest Rated Technology, fine screen “Micro Mesh”.
Our Micro Mesh Systems are the best in the industry because they are made from the best materials. Our extruded aluminum frame offers strength and durability in harsh conditions that gutter guards made with plastic cannot provide. Our engineers have added additional protection by anodizing the frame. This process not only hardens the aluminum, but makes it compatible for use with copper and steel gutters.

The Micro Mesh Screen is available in either 50 or 30 Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel. Holes so tiny that, not matter how small the debris, only water can pass through keeping your gutters clean and clog free.

Our Fine Mesh and Durable Frames are sealed with a High Grade Rubberized Adhesive that never gets hard or brittle. It’s designed to stay pliable which holds the Mesh in place regardless of the ambient temperature. 

Homeowners choose ArmourGuard Standard gutter protection to safeguard their homes from clogged gutters caused by falling leaves and debris. Clogged gutters can cause a host of problems such as soffit and fascia rot, dangerous mold growth, water damage to basement and foundations. They understand that climbing ladders to clean out their gutters is dangerous and ArmourGuard Standard gutter guards will eliminate the potential health hazards that befall 185,000 every year. 

Only All Weather Armour offers a wide range of gutter covers that are designed for your homes unique weather or leaf and debris conditions.


  • Extruded Aluminum Gutter Guard Frame – Durable 1/16” Thick
  • Anodized Aluminum – Protects against dissimilar metals. This process allows our product to be installed on copper or steel gutters.
  • Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel 50 or 30 Micro Mesh – No organic material will grow or adhere to the ArmourGuard Screen. 
  • No holes or openings – only water enters your gutters. 
  • Moderate to Heavy Debris conditions - No leaves, pine needles, shingle grit or dirt will get into your gutters! Completely Sealed System Gutter System - No insects or pests will enter your gutters! 
  • Installs at the same pitch as your roof – sheds all debris quickly and easily. 
  • 20 Year Transferable Warranty. 
  • Highest Rated Gutter Guard Technology by Consumer Reports Magazine.
  • Works on All Roof and Gutter Systems. 
  • Discreet Low Profile Appearance.


1) Will I still have to clean my gutters occasionally?

No…Never. ArmourGuard gutter protection systems are completely sealed. No debris of any kind can penetrate the fine mesh system. Only water can enter your gutters.

2) Can The Gutters Overflow in Heavy Rains?

Not generally, the fine mesh systems are rated by the leading Consumer Magazine at 7 ½” per hour of rainfall. In our tests we see and even greater performance, however, in some instances where you have high winds in valleys on steep pitched roofs you could see a waterfall effect where the rain rushes so fast that it misses the gutter system completely. 

3) How does your product differ from those made from plastic or uPVC? 

The ArmourGuard family of products are made from extruded aluminum which provide un-paralleled strength. In heavy snow or ice climates, the weight of the ice/snow can cause the plastic frames to collapse inside the gutter system. Additionally, plastics and uPVC material can easily warp in high temperatures causing the screen mesh to separate from the frame. ArmourGuard extruded aluminum will not warp and the rubberized adhesive that holds the screen to the frame will expand and contract with the fluctuation in temperatures.

4) Will debris ever sit on the ArmourGuard Screen?

ArmourGuard Products are designed to fit at the same pitch as your roof so debris will naturally wash or blow off the gutters. In some instances debris can sit in areas that are protected from the weather. In those cases a simple reverse bristle brush with an extension pole will easily remove the debris. We might add, however, that any debris that sits on the gutter guard will not generally impede water from entering the gutter system.

5) Will your mesh ever clog from dirt, dust, or pollen's? 

No. The fine mesh micro screens are self-cleaning when it rains and will not clog. 

6) How does snow and ice affect ArmourGuard Gutter Guards?

All fine mesh gutter guards are made from some form of stainless steel. At temperatures below freezing, any melted water from the roof due to energy loss will simply refreeze on the screen. In cases such as this Icebreaker is the best solution as it has an integrated low temperature self-regulating cable in the outer edge of the frame. This will heat the extrusions and mesh to above melting temperatures and easily and effectively eliminates ice dams and icicles. No other gutter guard has this ability. It’s truly a four seasons gutter guard! 


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