Drain Tile

Michigan Gutters Inc, is the expert when it comes to ditch and drain tile.  Drain tile is a recommended option to get water away from your home and foundation.  We can direct the rain water to a safe area so that your home is not getting damaged.  We use a trencher for longer runs of drain tile and hand dig areas that require attention to detail.  The drain tile is typically dug below the frost line and in most installations a solid pipe is used to connect to the downspout to direct the water away from the home and then will transition to a perforated pipe. The perforated pipe is wrapped in nylon mesh to prevent dirt from entering the system but allows for the water to then absorb into the soil.  At the termination of the drain tile there typically will be a pop-up or grate to allow for the safe release of water if the underground system gets overwhelmed.   If you have drain tile installed and trees are in your area either a downspout strainer or gutter protection cover is recommended to avoid the drain tile from clogging or backing up.

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